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Jetty R. COOK

S/Sgt, US US Army, Air Forces

Service N°: 18184168

Bomb Group: 92

Bomber squadron: 407

Entered Service:

Hometown: Hunt, Texas 

Born: 29-09-1924 Coahoma, Texas

Died: 6-09-2016 Kerville, Texas



                         Jetty Cook at the controls of his top turret (photo Jetty Cook)



                         Photo used for a false ID card (photo Jetty Cook)


                            Jetty Cook 1975 (photo Jetty Cook)

False ID card

(Photo: Jetty Cook)

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Jetty Cook, Melvin Crough and wifes and I when they visited Leopoldsburg, Belgium in 1994.

Photo Rudy Kenis