Harvey G. McLaughlin


Harvey G. McLaughlin ( Photo from Paul Harvey McLaughlin)


2nd Lieutenant,  US ARMY AIR FORCES

Service: # O-764407

381th Bomber Group,752th Bomber Squadron,   Heavy

Entered service:

Hometown: Seattle, Washington 

Born: 18-01-1920 seattle, Washington


Buried at: 

N° of missions:






              Harvey G. McLaughlin (Photo from Paul Harvey McLaughlin)





Info from his son Paul:

My father Harvey G. McLaughlin Jr.  was the co-pilot. I have a photo of seven of the crew members my father took consisting of Riza, Williams, Tyler, Wolski, Miller Barrett and Spiouse (not sure if the last one is spelled correctly). I scanned and sent the photo to Kevin Wilson. The photo may have been taken in front of Rotherhithe's Revenge for which the same crew flew and I believe this to be the main plane Riza, my father and the rest of the crew.


Other photographs from Paul McLaughlin without information:







The "Rotherhithe's Revenge". A plane the Riza crew flew with (photo Paul Harvey McLaughlin) 



             (Photo: Fold 3)



                       The Rotherhithe's Revenge" in a battle formation.  (Photo: Fold3)



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