Pilot:     P/O Argyle Bruce "Sly" Cunningham        NZ424433      POW
FE         P/O Donald Albert "Don" Winterford        173829 *      POW

                  (replaced Sgt. J. .F Gordon Hay)        1377661 
Nav:       F/O Robert John "Bob" Ramsey             148745          POW

B/A        F/O Reginald Ford "Reg" Brailsford          144333         EVD
W/OP     F/S John Wallace Stone                         656855         EVD
MUG       Sgt Fred W, Brown                               1350401       POW
R/G        Sgt Bleddyn Lloyd "Bob" "Taffy" Roberts   1819401 **  EVD


*    replaced Sgt. J. F. Gordon Hay 1377661

**  died in another mission with other crew. It was his first mission after he was shot down at the Louvain mission

POW = Prisoner Of War

EVD = evaded

(Info Roger Guernon)


From left to right:

Cunningham, Ramsey, Brailsford, Roberts, Brown, Hay, Stone.

The aircraft is a Short Sterling

(Picture and info from Fred Brown)

From left to right:

Standing: Brailsford, Brown, Hay, Stone

Sitting: Roberts, Cunningham, Ramsey

(Picture from Fred Brown)