Letter from 26 August 1987:


Forgive me for writing, and such a late stage after your letter appeared in the RAF magazine.

In fact I’m told it was in the Winter 1985 edition. Through a friend  I only received a copy of you article yesterday.

I was an airgunner from a Lancaster shot down after a raid on Louvain.

I landed in the area of Limal.

I hid in a loft of an outhouse farm and contacted the farmer called Guy, he was in his early 20’s……


…. I’m writing to you is to whether you can assist me.

I intend to visit Belgium next year and would love to contact Guy and or visit the Limal area.

I wondered if you could give me the name of a contact I could write to.

I would be extremely grateful for any help you could give me.

                                                                   Signed, Fred Brown

                                                               North Brighton, South Australia


Looking for ''Guy''


That was all…. I had to look for Fred who lives in Limal and was in his early 20’s in 1944.

The following day a went to Limal about 60 kilometers from where I lived in a French speaking area (I’m Dutch speaking).

After a long search and the help from some locals I had the names and addresses of more then 5 men who could be the man I’m looking for… an impossible task..

So I went back home without results.

But on a certain moment I had to stop on a crossroad and saw the name of a street I had in my notebook.

So I went to that address… knocked on the front door and waited… for the bad news.

An elder man opened the door.

I asked him, in my best French, if he know something about an airman who was landed with his chute somewhere in Limal.

The brave man turned pale and whispered ‘’ …. Fred Brown…’’

This couldn’t be true!!!

He turned backwards and jelled something… I think to his wife…

A few seconds later his wife stumbled to the front door and showed me a wedding dress.

Then they told me this wedding dress was made from Brown’s parachute!

Limal1.jpg    GuyVanparijs.jpg

They invited me into their house and told me their story…


When I came home I wrote immediately to Fred to tell him the great news!


Letter from Brown:  24 September 1987.


Dear Rudy,

I was very happy to receive your letter telling me you had found Guy!

I’m pleased to hear they are both well.

By the same post I also received a letter from  Guy, it’s in French. And like Guy doesn’t speaks English, I don(t speak French. The lady who lives next door to me teaches French at school, so she kindly translated it for me. She is as excited about you finding Guy as I.

When I received the letters I was overcome with emotions, my hands were shaking.

I was excited and telephoned my friends. They have all been very interested in your letter but never thought you would find Guy!   …..

…. Well Rudy thank you again for your tremendous effort in finding Guy!

I’ve written to Squadron Leader E. H. E. Hearn of the Royal Air Force Escaping Society to tell him of your  success.

With my very best wishes, Fred Brown


A few months later all was arranged and Fred Brown visited his helpers at Limal.

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