Squadron code: JI   (514 squadron)

Aircraft code: M

S/N: LL 379




Type: 683 Lancaster Mk II

Part of the second production batch of 100 aircraft built by Sir W.G. Armstong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd., Whitley, Coventry, being the second part of Contract No. 239/SAS/C4(C). LL617-LL653, LL666-LL704 and LL716-LL739. All powered by Bristol Hercules XVI radial engines. Deliveries commenced 10-43; completed 3-44 (average rate of production slightly over 4 aircraft per week).

Info: http://www.lancaster-archive.com/lanc_prod_wgarms.htm


LL739 was the last Mk.II from this production run and was delivered to No.514 Sqdn 11 Mar 1944.

Took part in the following key Operations:

Stuttgart 15/16 Mar 1944;

Berlin 24/25 Mar 1944;

Nürnberg 30/31 Mar 1944- aborted. LL739 was attacked five times by Me410 (sic) and obliged to turn back since its guns had frozen up;

Louvain 11/12 May 1944.

When lost this aircraft had a total of 69 hours.

Info: www.lostaircraft