Many info and reports mention that Lancaster LL739 was shot down by a FW 190 or a Me 109.

But when I seached for German nightfighters on the night of 11 to 12 June 1944 I couldn't find a German nightfichter squadron operating with these aircraft.

In fact no many German night fighter squadrons (NJG; Nachtjagd Geschwader)were equipt with FW 190 or Me 109.

The reason for this is because these fighters had no radar to find their enemy.

There were many german twin engined fighters who had a pilot and a navigator and a very good radar.

Most of these aircraft used as night fighters were Me BF 110, Do 217, Ju 88...


After a surch in some records I found 2 ''possible'' aircraft who could shot down Lancaster LL 739.


Both aircraft are Bf 110 from 2./NJG2 and downed both a Lancaster in the vicinity of Brussels.




1. Ofw Giessübel Vincenze:




Info: Ciel de Glorie



2. Oblt Heinz Rökker:





info: Ciel de Glorie


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