Dennie E. MEDLEY

Picture from Shirley Baer, his daughter   Click to enlarge


From left: Dennie, Sherley and their brother (?)


S/Sgt US Army Air Force

Duty: Ball Turret Gunner

Service #:   35651982

Unit:    458 BG  752 BS

Entered Service: 20-02-1943  Huntington, West Virginia


Born:  25/09/1914 Sciotoville, Scioto county, Ohio  

Died:  31/01/2001 Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio   

Buried: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Franklin Furnace, Scioto County,Ohio, USA

POW:   No


Married: Lou Ella Medley (born Louwe)

               30/06/1934 Porthsmouth, Scioto Co, Ohio

               ° 05/08/1917

               + 07/06/1990   



Interrogation report:



Documents from resistance group General Sabotage G93


Report written by Felix Vandevenne and his wife Maria Juchtmans

USA number:35651982

Take off: 7:30 h  20 July 1944

Aircraft number B24 H – 117

Shot down in the vicinity of Diest.

Private address: 1213Armstrong Str, Porth South, Ohio.


Saved by Louis Jonckers St.-Jansveld 10, Diest. René and Joseph Jonckers Papenbroekstraat 7, Webbekom after landing.

The guard was done by Marcel Vanderstukken, Papenbroekstraat 6, Webbekom.

René Jonckers brought Dennie to Hilaire Gemoets, Struik, Assent (Hilaire was later executed by the Germans. Before he had to dig his own grave).

August Schepers from Waanrode picked him up from there en brought him to Prosper Graulus at Waanrode.

From there to Frans Vandijck at Waanrode.

Then  Paul Goossens from Kortenaken, José Graulus from Waanrode, Henri Sondag from Assent-Struik and August Schepers brought Dennie to Charles Busselen at Geetbets.

There he  stayed till liberation.

Papers to fill in brought to Prosper Graulus at Waanrode by Severin Vandevenne (10 years old) Begijnenstraat 31, Diest. (in the housing of his bicycle lamp!)

His father Felix Vandevenne, Begijnenstraat 31, Diest gave the papers to René Kempeneers, Dorp 64 Oostham



Escape and Evasive Report:


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