Bingham Airport Dedicated 1959

Eagle Pass, Texas ~ "Back in the Day" Lt. Percy Bingham shot down over Belgium on Sept. 6, 1944, he was flying a P-47D. This was the second time this Eagle Pass hero had been shot down over enemy lines, smuggled out by the underground keeping him safe from the Nazis.

Lt. Bingham volunteered to do the "Fly Over" at the last graduating class from the Eagle Pass Army Air Field. Col. Bundy was supposed to do the "Fly Over" but was feeling ill, the fine young man that Percy was, he said he'd fly the plane for him. As Lt. Percy Bingham pulled up during the fly over, both wings fell off the plane and he was killed instantly in front of his parents, family & many friends. He is buried in our family plot (Bibb plot) here in Eagle Pass.

"Eagle Pass Back In The Day" would like to know why this outstanding local hero has been forgotten about. Why didn't they keep the old Airport name "Bingham Airport" The current Eagle Pass/Maverick County Airport name should be changed to reflect this Man. Eagle Pass, what can we do? Thanks

Photo's Jeff Taylor