Visit September 19,  1994


From left, Jetty Cook and Melvin Crouch


From L to R: Jetty Cook and his wife Wanda, Melvin Crouch and his wife Barbara, me (Rudy Kenis)


From L to R: Bergmans, the Mayor of Leopoldsburg Steyaert, Jetty Cook, Melvin Crouch, Rudy Kenis


Before entering the townhall of Leopoldsburg.


Jetty embraces Rosa Stessens, one of his helpers. (Left the husband of Rosa)


Stessens, the woman who slept with Jetty because he was very ill.


Arthur and Jeanne Schalenborgh together with Jetty. Arthur was the man who brouhgt Jetty and some orhers with his motorcycle and sidecar from Hasselt to Liege. He told that he wore a German uniform on that moment.


With a jeep to the place where the plane crashed. 


The crashplace on a military training ground


Mayor Steyaert led us through Leopoldsburg to visit the houses where the crew stayed during their escape.


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