78 Figther Group report for September 1944

82 Fighter Squadon reports for September 1944

Letter from Garry L. Fry

Mails from Michael Rosenblum (son of Allan A. Rosenblum)


28 October 2012

Hi, Rudy- I have a picture of my dad in a plane with the MX*I marking, but not certain that was his plane. I also have a photo of dad in a plane marked "Rosey the Riveter".  He was shot down twice, but I only have information on his second crash in Poland(see attached). It is possible that his first crash was in Belgium- he was able to make it back to Allied lines safely. After his second crash, he was a POW until the end of the war(2-3 weeks)-fortunate. Please let me know if you find out anything about the Belgium crash. Dad never spoke much about his war efforts- doing so gave him nightmares for weeks afterwards. I recently learned some of these details through contacts on the p47 pilot website.

Many thanks 
4 November 2012
Hi, Rudy- Many thanks for the email. I think Dad's earlier crash because of low fuel matches what I know of his war efforts. Here is a picture of Dad in his Rosey the Riveter(MX) aircraft. Hope this helps.
                  Allan A. Rosenblum               Foto: Michael  Rosenblum
Forgot to mention that your words about my father are very kind. He would have been very pleased to have heard them. Dad almost never spoke about his time in the war. Doing so would cause him to have nightmares for weeks afterward. We would have called it PTSD. It is amazing to me to find that there are efforts of others honoring efforts of pilots like Dad. Many thanks.


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