1943                                                                 Wedding 6 June 1946

Pictures from Vanelle Peterson


T/Sgt US Army Air Force

Duty: waist gunner

Service #:   37342053

Unit:    458 BG  752 BS

Entered Service: 16-02-1943 Denver Colorado

Hometown: Frontier, Nebraska

Born:  19/01/1923 Moorefield, Frontier, Nebraska  

Died:   22/06/2008 West Grove, Pennsylvania  

Buried: London, Presbyterian Cemetery, New London, Pennsylvania

POW:   no


Married: Erma Beck on 6/6/1945


                            Photo Jeff Pincin FAG


                              Photo: Jeff Pincin FAG


Interrogation report from Belgian Helpers:


Documents from resistance group General Sabotage C93

Escape Route


Report written by Felix Vandevenne and his wife Maria Juchtmans


USA number:31342053

Take off: 7:30 h  20 July 1944

Aircraft number B24 H – 117

Shot down in the vicinity of Diest.

Private address: RRt Moorefield, Nebraska, USA

After he landed he was saved by hidden Russians at Schaffen and was taken to Alfons Snijers, Heze, Schaffen.

There he was picked up by Charel Jonckers , Paepenbroekstraat 1, Webbekom and Felix Vandevenne, Begijnenstraat 31, Diest.

They brought Peterson to Prosper Graulus at Waanrode.

From here he was brought to Charles Busselen, Geetbets by Paul Goossens from Kortenaken, Henri Sondag from Assent Strijk and August Schepers from Waanrode.

There Peterson stayed till liberation.

Documents made by Prosper Graulus from Waanrode and collected by Severin Vandevenne, (11 years old and the documents were hidden in the lamp of his bicycle) Begijnenstraat 31, Diest.

These documents were handed over by Felix Vandevenne, Diest to  René Kempeneers, Dorp 64, Oostham.


MACR Missing Aircrew Report

Escape and Evasion Report