Born: 26 April 1923 South Carolina

Died: 12 October 1986, Lilburn, Swinnett County, Georgia

Awards: PH  Purple Heart

             DFC  Distinguist Flying Medal

             AM  Air Medal with 2 Oak Leave Clusters








Photo from Michael G. Rosenblum


Scene of a fight when the pilots wouldn't take-off because of the bad weather. (explanation from Hieu Lamb FB 2014)

Lt Rosenblum is on the picture 5th from right.



Mail from his son Michael G. Rosenblum:

Hi, Rudy- I have a picture of my dad in a plane with the MX*I marking, but not certain that was his plane. I also have a photo of dad in a plane marked "Rosey the Riveter".  He was shot down twice, but I only have information on his second crash in Poland(see attached). It is possible that his first crash was in Belgium- he was able to make it back to Allied lines safely. After his second crash, he was a POW until the end of the war(2-3 weeks)-fortunate. Please let me know if you find out anything about the Belgium crash. Dad never spoke much about his war efforts- doing so gave him nightmares for weeks afterwards. I recently learned some of these details through contacts on the p47 pilot website.
Many thanks 

Missing -Survivor (Fold 3)



Prisoner - Liberated (Fold 3)


Awards (Fold 3)


A panel from the aircraft held at the Airforce Museum at St.-Truiden (St.-Trond) donated by Patrick Liesenborghs.