Picture from: Gordon Morehead


1st Lt US Army Air Force

Service #:   O-703416

Unit:    458 BG  752 BS

Entered Service: 10-02-1943 San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, Texas

Hometown: Jackson, Iowa

Born:    10 October 1920 Minnesota, Iowa

Died:     25 March 1997 Elk Grove Sacramento,  CA

Buried: Elk Grove, Sacramento, California

Married:Doris Morehead, died 22 July 2010

            Obituary of Doris Morehead:  http://www.egcitizen.com/articles/2010/07/29/obituaries/doc4c521438551b7938964727.txt

POW:  Stalag Luft 1 Barth-Vogelsang Prussia 54-12



Home 1940: South Fork, Jackson, Iowa




                                                                       FAG: Jim Hunt



         From left: Lt Baer,  Lt  Morehead,  Lt Monahan  1944 (Photo: Morehead Gordon)



                          Home from prison camp August 1945.

            1st Lt Morehead and his wife Doris (photo Morehead Gordon)


               Captain Morehead September 1945 (photo: Morehead Gordon)


Report of capture:







Letters from Gordon 'Bud' Morehead:


Villa 's Hertoghen where Morehead stayed with the family Breugelmans for one day

(Foto: © Rudy Kenis)