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Family Stessens


Picture from Rudy Kenis (1990)




Captain Raymond Vanparijs & Elisabeth Cox 

Leopoldsburg 1946

Apartment of Elisabeth Cox (2nd floor) where Jetty stayed a few days.

Elisabeths husband was a Prisoner Of War in Germany on that moment.

Downstairs was a café where Germans came in every day!

Picture from Rudy Kenis (1992)


My visit to Elisabeth Cox in 1990

Picture from rudy kenis

Arthur Schalenborg was the person who brought the airmen from Leopoldburg to Liege on a motorcycle and an sidecar.

He wore German cloths on that moment.


This picture was made in the vicinity of Liege (Luik)

1 & 2  Couple with whom Jetty spent a night enroute from Liege to Serraing.

3 Jetty Cook.  4  Melvin Crouch.  5 Mme Colleye

Others are members of the resistance and allied airmen.

September 3, 1994 (just before liberation)




Rosa Grosjean and her family, Seraing, Belgium.

Rosa was the young girl who saved Jetty and Mel Crouch from being lynched a few days before liberation in September 1944.


September 9, 1944


1. Arthur Schalenborg and 2. his wife Jeanne.

3. Jack Guinlock (RCAF) 4. Stan Jones

5. Fred Noble

The others are Allied Airmen and Resistance Members.

September 9, 1944