Jetty R. COOK

S/Sgt, US US Army, Air Forces

Service N°: 18184168

Bomb Group: 92

Bomber squadron: 407

Entered Service:

Hometown: Hunt, Texas 

Born: 29-09-1924 Coahoma, Texas

Died: 6-09-2016 Kerville, Texas



                         Jetty Cook at the controls of his top turret (photo Jetty Cook)



                         Photo used for a false ID card (photo Jetty Cook)


                            Jetty Cook 1975 (photo Jetty Cook)


Registration card


My questionnaire:


Letter to the parents of Jetty telling them their son is missing.


Letter from a friend from the House  of Representatives


Telegram from Jetty to his parents to let them know that he is safe!



False ID card

(Photo: Jetty Cook)


Picture from Rudy Kenis


Picture from Rudy Kenis


Group Liege:  1 and 2 couple where Jetty spent a night enroute to Seraing.

3. Jetty Cook

4. Melvin Crouch

Others are members of the resistance & allied airmen of the USA

September 3, 1944


Jetty shows a bracelet he gave to the family Music who helped to hide him.

During his visit in 1992 in Seraing to the family Music they gave the bracelet back!


Jetty Cook, Melvin Crough and wifes and I when they visited Leopoldsburg, Belgium in 1994.

Photo Rudy Kenis