William H. "Bill" STEIN

 2nd Lieutenant, US Army Air Force


Service #: O-813080

Bomb Group: 92

Bomb Squadron: 407

Entered service: 21-01-1943 (release date: 23-02-1946)

Hometown: New York city, New York

Born: 4 -1 - 1921

Died: 05-09-1998

Burried at:

Awards: Purple Heart,

               Air medal




POW but escaped on his way to Germany (From Jetty Cook)


Missing Air Crew Raport (MACR)



E&E rapport: 2318


Info from Jetty Cook

William H. (Bill) Stein, pilot, had his ankles broken when he landed because of the very low altitude at which he parachuted. He was soon found by a Belgian farmer who offered to assist him. But Bill declined the offer as he knew he needed medical assistance. The farmer then led German soldiers to Bill and he was placed in a Luftwaffe hospital near Brussels (St. Gilles) for treatment. In early September 1944 as the British Army was approaching Brussels, Stein was placed on a convoy to Germany.

When this convoy came from Louvain and entered Diest they were attacked by Thunderbolds P47. The Germans hided themselfs and on that moment a German doctor (also named Stein!) led some prisoners escape.

Three of them are Durland (RAF), Hewett and William Stein.


Basil Croes who was an eyewitness of these fightings was forced to go home.

When he came at his farm on the Wissenbeemd (Assent) he found three men in uniform near his house!

They tried to explane to him they would hide in a neighbour bush.

But Basil gave them something to eat and let them hide in a barn.

They stayed over there during a few weeks till the liberation.


      Standing from left to right:  Durland (RAF), Hewett (AAF) and Stein (AAF)

                                                                   Foto: Basil Croes



                     Sitting in the middle: Basil Croes and his wife Filomène. 

                                                                Foto: Basil Croes



                                                        Foto: Basil Croes


                                            Stein back in the USA with his wife.

                                                                        Foto: Basil Croes


In 1994 Basil and his wife visited their "pilots" in Florida.



Left: Stein and his wife.

Third from left: Hewett and his wife.

Second from right: Basil Croes and his wife Filomène Caubergs

                                                                       Foto: Basil Croes